MARCO VERRATTI: ITALY MIDFIELDER JOINS QATARI SIDE AL-ARABI FROM PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN IN £39 MILLION DEAL Marco Verratti's 11-year spell with Paris Saint-Germain has come to an end after the midfielder joined Qatari side Al-Arabi on a three-year deal. PSG reportedly earned £39m from the sale of the player with the second-most appearances of all time for the French club. Verratti won nine Ligue 1 titles with PSG and was part of Italy's triumphant Euro 2020 side. Italy midfielder Marco Verratti has departed Paris Saint-Germain to join Qatari side Al-Arabi in a deal reportedly worth £39m. The 30-year-old has penned a three-year deal with the Qatar Stars League side to end an 11-year spell in Paris. Verratti won nine Ligue 1 titles with PSG, as well as six Coupe de France trophies, but Champions League glory eluded him, coming closest in defeat to Bayern Munich in the 2019/20 final. A dynamic and technically gifted central midfielder, Verratti also played a central role in Italy’s

Manga Creator Shocks Fans With Unexpected Departure From

 漫画创作者第六季出人意料地离开《结束后的开始》震惊了粉丝 Fuyuki23(又名 Duta Permana)在最近的 Instagram 帖子中表达了他的失望,并透露他和 Kisai Entertainment 将不再参与《结束后的开始》的创作。 他们离开的主要原因源于薪酬结构的争议。 网络漫画《结束之后的开始》的插画家、网络漫画《心理爱情契约》的合著者冬木23最近透露了一些相当令人不安的消息。 这位印度尼西亚创作者在他的 Instagram 帐户上宣布,他和 Kisai Entertainment 已经离开了 The Beginning After the End。 该剧讲述格雷国王重生为亚瑟·雷温 (Arthur Leywin),在神奇的迪卡森大陆寻求救赎的故事。 凭借对前世的了解,亚瑟在一条龙、一位精灵公主和精灵王国的牺牲的帮助下,开启了新的经历。 随着战争的临近,亚瑟必须崛起为领袖,并找出他转世的原因。 在 Instagram 上分享的一条消息中,艺术家 Fuyuki23(真名 Duta Permana)宣布,他和他的制作公司 Kisai Entertainment 做出了意外决定,退出《结束后的开始》第 6 季第 1 集的制作。 六年来,Fuyuki23 和 Kisai Entertainment 与《结束之后的开始》的创作者 TurtleMe 以及 Tapas Entertainment 平台密切合作,开发该系列的视觉效果。 然而,由于平台强制实施的支付结构突然发生变化,这种合作关系突然结束。 Fuyuki23和他的团队认为新协议完全不公平。 Fuyuki23表示,他很高兴有机会以视觉方式将故事变为现实,并对TurtleMe给予他参与该系列作品的机会表示深深的感谢。 他还向支持他艺术的读者表示感谢,并请他们继续支持TurtleMe,因为这个系列是他们的宝贝。 Fuyuki23 自己承认,他将继续饶有兴趣地阅读该系列,看看故事如何展开。 Fuyuki23也分享了他对未来的兴奋,透露他将继续与他的制作公司Kisai Entertainment合作。 虽然没有详细说明,但Fuyuki23表达了他想要创造一个史诗般的冒险幻想的愿望。 虽然这个新项目的时间表仍不确定,但他真诚地希望观众继续支持。 Arachu Arachu Arachu Arachu Arach

Bleach TYBW Latest Episode Reveals Rukia Kuchiki's Bankai For The First Time

  Every new Bleach: TYBW episode is like opening a present. The new Quincies? They're a bunch of jaw-dropping surprises while the Soul Reapers are turning up their powers and taking us on a wild journey. Since the first invasion by Yhwach and his Quincy soldiers, Soul Reapers have taken the matter seriously, and not just the captains, but even the lieutenants have awakened such unfathomable powers that the tables are seeing to be turning, and the Quincies who were once considered undefeatable are watching their end by the blades of the Soul Reapers. The latest addition to this surprise has been Rukia Kuchiki. Although she battled against one of the strongest Sternritters, As Nodt, Rukia's powers seem to take a toll on him. What's even more surprising is that As Nodt was the one who previously defeated Byakuya Kuchiki, one of th strongest Soul Reapers. And in the latest installment, Byakuya didn't just praise Rukia for her increasing powers but also left the battlefield,